How to Decide If a Rat Is the Right Pet for You or Your Kids

There are many types of rats for sale that make great pets. Although brown–or fancy rats–are the most common worldwide, dumbo, hairless, and desert rats are all common types of pet rodents that are suitable for any age group.

Rats can be purchased from either reputable breeders or pet stores. When they are purchased from a breeder, the consumer can get vital information such as the date of birth. Breeders will often let potential customers view the rats’ parents as well. Many varieties of rats can also be purchased in pet stores, but less information about the rats is available. Owners should ask for as much information as possible about their new pet. This helps to ensure the best quality of life for the rat.

Before purchasing a rat, prospective rat owners will want to ready a habitat. A medium-sized wire cage is usually the best option. Food containers, water bottles, and floor coverings are all necessary to ensure a new rat feels at home. Completely ready the cage before purchasing a new rat to lessen his anxiety about his new surroundings.

Before purchasing a rat, make sure it is happy, healthy, and well fed. Bright eyes and lots of movement are the best indicators that a rat is healthy. Stay away from rodents with discharge coming from the eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. This usually indicates disease or injury. Always make sure the rats for sale are no younger than five to six weeks old. This will indicate a smooth transition from the pet store or breeder to his or her new home. It is also important to purchase rats for sale while they are still young, as mature rats that have had very little human interaction tend to become aggressive.

If rats are being held in groups by a breeder or in a pet store, make sure there is plenty of food and water in the cage and that the rats are not overly crowded. Male and female rats that are no longer dependent on their mothers should be in separate habitats. Many breeders and pet stores have return policies for small animals and rodents so they can be replaced if they fall ill or die within the first week or two.

These tips are very easy to follow and they will ensure that selecting and keeping a new pet rat is an easy transition for both the owner and the pet.

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