Heroes Today

We all look up to heroes; after all, they are men or women of distinguished courage or ability. S/he has performed heroic acts such as rescuing a person from a burning building or landed an airplane in the Hudson River in New York City. The pilot I’m referring to is Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger.

Instead of writing about “people heroes,” I’d like to share examples of other types of hero; a hero who doesn’t ask for thanks or reward. In this regard, I’m referring to animals and mammals.

First, one dog who saved its owner’s life after she was choking on an apple. The dog pounced on the owner’s back forcing the apple out of her windpipe.

Secondly, the dolphins and whales who rescued a fisherman whose boat was overturned by squalls. Thirty dolphins and a pair of whales appeared out of nowhere and started to support him on both sides nudging the fisherman’s life raft towards the direction of land. The fisherman passed out while the dolphins were nudging him to shore. He later woke up on the beach where he was assisted by local residents there.

How about the 8-year-old female gorilla who rescued a three-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla habitat at Brookfield Zoo, Illinois? The boy fell 18 feet on to the concrete floor of the enclosure where seven other gorillas resided. Binti Jua, the gorilla, was carrying her own infant on her back. Her motherly instinct kicked in as she cradled the boy in her arms and took him to a door where zoo keepers and paramedics could attend him.

Let’s open our hearts and minds to our animal and mammal counterparts. They, too, are heroes!

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