How Much Do You Feed a Rabbit?

Having a rabbit at home is a charm and a fun. Care has to be given to these cute mini creatures. They are delicate animals and love to be pampered and fed at the right time.

There is not much hassle in feeding a rabbit. They survive on greens, primarily leaves. Apart from that they also thrive on pellets. The pellets are rich in protein and are good for baby rabbits for nourishment.

Rabbits are Vegetarians!

Perhaps the fact that rabbits are vegetarians makes their diet and nutrition very basic and simple. They are no-nonsense pets and their eating habits are timed. One should see to it that the following rules are followed:

  • Rabbits eat small portions of food. So divide their meal into small portions.
  • Feed them with leaves- these can be lettuce, carrot leaves, grass or any other plant leaves in considerable amounts. 3-5 small bowls of salad can be given to them in a day.
  • They love eating and the food has to be fresh but in small quantities. For example, spinach with 4 or 5 stems along with a few carrot leaves will suffice their hunger.
  • Make sure the vegetables are washed well before given to a rabbit.
  • One should not over feed the rabbit with unwanted amount of greens, as that will lead to making them fat.

Water is a must!

One of the most essential requirements to stay alive and healthy is water. Feeding a rabbit with water is mandatory. In a day, a rabbit of any age has to be fed with water at least 6 to 8 times a day.

A rabbit loves water and if not given in right proportions can lead to its death.

Fiber works!

Rabbits can stay long and healthy if their diet contains lots of fibers. These include:

  • Fiber means not just cereals. Don’t feed your rabbit with serials as it is not digestion-friendly for a rabbit.
  • Feed hay! Hay is the best food for a rabbit. Hays can be of grass, oat or alfalfa. They are rich in proteins.
  • The amount of fiber in the diet of a rabbit should be between 15% and 20%.

Pellets for a healthy rabbit!

Pellets are rich in minerals and vitamins, rabbits need them depending on their body weight.

  • The quantity of pellets should be very limited. The maximum a medium-sized rabbit can consume is ½ cup in a day.
  • However, the quantity of pellets shouldn’t be in excess has that can make a rabbit put on weight.

A rabbit’s metabolic activity should be often taken care about along with its eating habits.Like humans, rabbits also need timely meals. They are very small, pampered beings and need to be fed with diet that is healthy and nutritious.

So treat your rabbit with food items such as vegetables, fresh fruits, lots of water and a little amount of fiber. The more you treat a rabbit as a member of the family, the longer it will stay happily with you.

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