Get Year-Round Flea Prevention Now – Frontline Spot On

It is important that you take measures to prevent fleas all year-round. These parasites are very common and it is far too easy for your pets to get re-infested. With Frontline Spot On you will be able to provide your pets with continual protection against fleas.

Year-Round Problems

One of the main problems these days is that most homes are now centrally heated. This means fleas can thrive indoors even during very cold conditions.

• You will need to use products that are able to protect your fleas all year.

• Even the best flea treatments will only last for so long. Once the treatments have worn off your pets will be vulnerable to fleas again.

• The great thing about Frontline Spot On is that you keep using it on your pets every 3 months or so.

• This means you can provide on-going protection for the prevention of fleas.

If you are new to using flea treatments then here are a few answers to the commonly asked questions to help you get started.

1. How do flea treatments work?

This will depend on the type of flea treatments you are using. Frontline Spot On is very simple yet effective. You just have to place a few drops of the product on the back of your pet’s neck. This is then absorbed into the body where it is harmless to your pets. However Frontline Spot On does contain a toxin that interferes with the flea’s central nervous system. This is fast acting and quickly kills fleas once they have ingested Frontline Spot On from feeding on your pets.

2. How often should I use flea treatments?

You must make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully before using any flea treatments on your pets. Check the dosage and the frequency as these can vary across the different types of products available. For example Frontline Spot On must be used sparingly (just a few drops on your pets skin) and every 3 to 4 months.

If the flea infestation is severe then you may need to use treatments more frequently but you should check with a veterinarian first.

3. Should I treat my pets if they don’t have fleas?

It can be difficult to spot if your pets have fleas. These unpleasant parasites are very small and mobile and can hide deep in the fur. Fleas are incredibly common and infest anywhere that other animals have been. This means pets can pick up fleas whenever they go out and about.

Just because you can’t physically see fleas does not mean your pet is not at risk from them. To prevent infestations in your home and keep your pets free from fleas you should be using effective treatments like Frontline Spot On all year round.

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