How to Eradicate Fleas From Your Home With Frontline

Fleas are a very unpleasant problem that can affect anyone who owns cats and dogs. One way in which you can prevent fleas and eradicate them from your home is with Frontline. This powerful product range contains a number of effective flea prevention treatments to banish fleas from your home.

Why do Pets Get Fleas?

Unfortunately fleas are a very common problem. Fleas will exist anywhere there is an adequate supply of warm blooded hosts. Millions of homes in the UK have pets and this provides the ideal food source for fleas to multiply.

Fleas will lurk in carpets, grassy areas, undergrowth and anywhere other animals have been. This means anytime your pets come into contact with these infested areas they can pick up fleas and bring them back to your home.

Why You Need Frontline

Fleas are one of the most common blood-sucking parasites and because they are small and highly mobile they can be very difficult to eradicate. They can easily get into cracks and crevices in the home and start breeding. This means even when you think you have got rid of fleas they can hatch out and re-infest your home.

• One of the most effective ways to treat fleas is with Frontline. This powerful product works to kill fleas quickly once they have fed from your pets.

• This means they will die before they have a chance to jump off and infest your home.

• Frontline works by transmitting a toxin to the flea through your pet’s blood.

• The Frontline is harmless to your pet and will not affect their health.

• However Frontline is fatal to fleas and acts to fatally disrupt their vital bodily systems.

• This quickly kills adult fleas within at least 24 hours.

Using Frontline

Because fleas are so common, it is almost impossible to keep your pets from coming into contact with them. Even if they are indoors pets you could bring fleas in to the home yourself on your clothing and shoes.

This means you do need to provide year-round protection for your pets and home using Frontline for cats and dogs. This product can be applied three to four times around the year to keep up a continuous barrier to flea infestations.

• Flea infestations are very unpleasant for both you and your pets.

• Fleas will cause a lot of irritation to pets and many animals are allergic to their saliva.

• This can result in severe skin reactions including sore, broken skin and loss of fur.

• Fleas can also transmit diseases and parasitic worms through their bite so it is even more important that you prevent them from affecting your pets and family.

• Continuous use of Frontline is essential to prevent fleas from bringing misery to your pets and your family.

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