Using Pet Urns to Prepare Children for the Death of Pets

Children develop an attachment to their pets. They become their playmates and they cannot carry out most of their play activities without them. When the pet dies, most parents dread the experience of having to break the news to their children.

In an effort to protect them from the painful truth, some may be tempted to go out and buy an identical pet. However, this does not help since the relationship with the new pet will not be the same. The child will notice the difference even with identical features on the surface of the new one. However, pet urns create an easy solution for such parents.

It is important that a parent psychologically prepare the child to deal with the death of a pet. One way of doing this is buying suitable pet urns for ashes when buying the pet. The parent should then explain to the child the concept of death and the fact that the pet will not live forever. When the pet eventually dies, the child will be sad but dealing with the loss is easier since he or she expected it. The parent will have an easy time cremating the pet and putting the ashes in the urn.

The best idea is to purchase a customized urn. Most people prefer figurine designs that imitate the appearance of the pet. One could also choose to incorporate a photo of the pet on the urn. This creates a lasting memory and the child is sure that the pet is in a better place. Explaining the logic is however hard for younger children but in for older children it is easy. One can then proceed to buy a new pet and train it like the older one. Younger children will soon forget the old one and bond with the new pet, all thanks to ashes in the pet urn.

Walking your child through the grief process of losing a pet will not be easy, but take time, and having dialog with them about what has taken place, and letting them be apart of the memorial process I believe that you can turn a very difficult time into a learning and educational experience. Allow you child to express their feeling, ideas, and hurts they are experiencing.

Being their for our children and our pets are huge responsibilities that we as parents and pet owners cannot take lightly, but most work at daily.

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