9 Ways To Choose Hedgehog Names

Lots of people these days own pets. They are a source of entertainment and companionship to both adults and children. Just like how much time was spent on finding names for your children, names for pets also deserve the same kind of time and effort.

Your pet is likely to be around for a significant amount of time and is sure to become an extended family member. So you need to choose a good name that fits your pet. Hedgehogs are great as family pets. Discussed here are some ideas on how to get some great hedgehog names.

  1. Easy to call – If you have small children in your family, you can choose easy mono or two syllable names for your pet. Max, Poco, Bruno and Chad are some easy hedgehog names.
  2. Place name – If you want to remember the place your pet comes from, you can give him the name of the place. Clyde, after the river in Scotland, and Kenya, after the country are some examples.
  3. Character names – You can name your hedgehog based on some favorite cartoon or fiction character. Casper (Casper the Ghost), Romeo (Romeo and Juliet), Mew (Pokémon), Sonic and Marvin are some good character based hedgehog names.
  4. Famous names – Some people like to name their pets after famous personalities and things. It can be a celebrity or a politician. It can also be religious or historical person or event. Frank (Frank Sinatra), Jodie (Jodie Foster), Oscar are examples of such hedgehog names.You can also name you pet after popular movies like Matrix.
  5. Previous pets – Some people like to use the same pet names over and over again. This is probably because do not want to let go of the past or are feeling nostalgic about their previous pet. Or it could simply because the pet reminds them of their previous one.
  6. Name of personal significance – Naming a pet after a very important family member is quite common these days. People do this as some kind of homage to the lost ones. You can also name your pet after a personality that has inspired and influenced you in your life. It could be a sports player or your Math teacher.
  7. Pet personality – You can choose names for your hedgehog based on its personality. If your pet hedgehog is fun, fiery and feisty, you can name it Cherry or Red. If you pet is quite bubbly and active, you can name it Bubbles. If the pet loves to be pampered and cuddled, you can name it Cuddles or Snuggles or Kisses If your pet makes everyone aware of its presence, you can name it Thunder or Bang.
  8. Looks – It is quite common to name pets based on their looks. It could be the color of their body or eyes or its general body shape. Ginger, Leo, Fluffy, Hazel, Spikey, and Spotty are some good hedgehog names.
  9. Websites – There are lots of websites dedicated to pets. You can definitely come across some exotic and unique names from these sites.

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