Choose Timothy Hay for Your Guinea Pigs

Every living thing needs to take up a proper diet in order to survive. For small herbivorous pets Timothy Hay is their key for survival. The hay is made from dried perennial grass. It is an ideal addition to the diet of pets like guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas.

Timothy Hay has many benefits and it is important to make it the main component in your guinea pig’s diet. This does not mean that you should feed your pets only with the hay. It is recommended that you combine the hay with other nutritious and balanced meals. Water is also an important part of your pet’s diet and a fresh, clean supply should always be available. Timothy Hay is superior taste and high fibre content. It does not contain preservatives or additives which makes it an even healthier choice.

This type of hay is cheap and very healthy for your pets. It has a lot of fibre making it very essential in your small pet’s diet. It is important for their digestive function. The fibrous nature of Timothy Hay helps in the passage of food as it goes through the small and large intestines.

It not only helps in digestion but hay is good for the dental maintenance of your pet. As the pets chew on the hay, it slowly wears down the cheek teeth. It also helps to clean their teeth which are constantly growing. They chew the hay sideways, this helps in wearing down the teeth evenly. This may not be possible if you were feeding your pets concentrates. When the wearing down of teeth does not happen, they grow much longer and can cut the tongue or inner cheek.

Timothy Hay is known for its less-fattening properties. This is good for your pets because you can be sure that they will not become obese when put on a steady diet on this hay. It also has little calcium which in large quantities can prove harmful to your pet. Calcium is known to cause urinary tract problems. Other good qualities of Timothy Hay include their high leaf to stem ratio. This means that there is more fibre to chew on. It also has very low dust levels. It therefore does not aggravate respiratory complications to both the owner and pet.

For better preservation of your hay, it is advisable to store it in a dry, airy place which should be away from direct sunlight. Timothy Hay can be bought from most pet food stores, both online and from traditional stores.

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