Pet Urine Air Purifier – 5 Best Features To Have

Pet urine smell can literally be a blow to your senses. It can cause burning and watering eyes, and make you feel like running away from it. One of the most effective ways to eliminate the smell is to filter the air. And here are 5 features your unit should have.

Carbon Based Filter—Carbon is well known for its ability to remove gaseous pollutants. So it is excellent at removing gases, odor, and chemicals. But because of urine’s potency, even carbon needs help removing the fumes.

Additive for Ammonia—Ammonasorb has been found to be an additive that is excellent at increasing carbon’s ability to absorb these fumes. This additional element can neutralize the smell and make your house a home again.

Split Capacitor Motor—One of the best things about using an air purifier should be that it can work at cleaning the air when you don’t have time or are not around. And since you can’t always predict when accidents may happen 24 hour filtration is a must.

A split capacitor motor is built to operate continually at high revolutions per minute. That means it can run constantly, and effectively whether you are there or not. And since inappropriate urination does not always happen when it’s most convenient, you need a cleaner that can work for you all the time.

Long Life Filter—You want a filter that will do the job and last for a long time. Otherwise, the need for constant filter replacements will ultimately drive the cost of operation higher, or cause you to abandon use of the purifier because of having to spend unexpected time and money on it.

What you need is to have a filter that comes with low maintenance requirements. And this means one that does not need to be shut down for cleaning, spraying, washing, or vacuuming.

A pro-rated filter warranty is also an excellent way for the manufacturer to stand behind their product with more than just words. Look for this warrantee in the technical specifications or the owner’s manual before you make a final decision.

360 Degree Intake—Opt for a unit that can pull air in from all sides. This gives you the most flexibility in terms of where you have to place the unit in your space. This benefit of this feature to you is that you can place the unit 6 inches from the wall or other furniture and still have it operate effectively.

Avoid cleaners that must be placed in the center of the room to operate effectively. This exposes you and your pets to a cord that can cause you to trip, or your pet to choke.

The exposed cord may become a source of curiosity and be inviting your pet to chew. It can be a huge temptation to young pets.

Clearing the air of urine can literally cause you to breathe easier about the impression your home makes. And choosing a cleaner with these features will help you bring home the best purifier for the job.

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