Pets With Human Souls

Some pet owners reported that they’ve noticed a lot of human traits in their pets. This foundation sometimes makes me think if the cat I am holding right now has a human soul. Undoubtedly, it interacts with me like a real person, even if it can’t talk like the way I do. On the other hand, it could just be because I raised it like a human being. Anyway, who can really tell?

Believers of reincarnation, like me, will definitely not contradict this idea, which was also taught in the Jain Faith or Jainism ages ago. Just to give you a wider understanding of what Jainism is; it is an ancient Indian religion that teaches non-violence against all living things. They practice the art of not harming any creature and they strongly believe that the human soul will be sent back to reap its karma, which may be in the form of reward or punishment. It can be reborn as a human being again or as another living thing, such as an animal.

The law of karma is plain and simple. We reap whatever we sow; and the universe decides on the manner of repayment. If we’ve been good to living creatures; we will be rewarded. We will be sent back as important characters, such as deities or people with blessed lives. If we’ve been cruel to them, we will be punished; and that’s whether we like it or not.

If a bad person dies without getting the type of compensation that suits him, he will be given that when he reincarnates. If he comes back as an animal; then, poor him!

There’s no doubt that cruelty begets cruelty; and because animals are common subjects of cruelty, most bad karma reapers reincarnate as animals; pets in particular. If we had been cruel to anybody during this lifetime, it wouldn’t be impossible to be sent back as pets after we died. In that case, we will reap the punishment that awaits us.

In some cases, there are beliefs that a dead family member who wouldn’t want to leave his family was granted his wish to come back to them; only this time, as a dog, a cat or any other kind of pet. Since no other “vessel” is available for their returning souls, they won’t have any other choice but to get into those furry bodies and start eating pet food in the following days. This could be the reason why some pets show more love and care for their owners compared to the rest.

The thought that one of my cats could be my late dad who died in 2000 really gives me goose bumps. I really appreciate the thought that he could still be here for us; however, I am not sure if I would want him around as a pet. Will it be better if he was sent back as another person? Or maybe it is better if he is now a pet because he was somewhat so unfeeling when he was still alive.

The rest of my family might be thinking that I am nuts, but I always make sure that my pets eat well, drink plenty of water and have a nice sleeping area which is comfortable enough for them. I couldn’t bear the thought that they could be my late relatives. I simply can’t be cruel to them because that would be like pouring salt to a wound.

No solid proof was ever shown to support the idea that some pets have human souls. Odd as it may seem but it may be true. Whether it’s true or not, one thing is sure — God gave man, through Adam, the obligation to take care of them.

The thought that I may be taking care of pets that possess human souls makes me want to be more loving to them. Besides, if the Jain philosophy that strongly believes in karma is true, I’d rather harvest blessings instead of blights when I return. For this reason, I promised myself that I will be kind to animals — kinder in fact. It’s my commission as a human being. It’s my duty to God.

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