Reasons to Adopt an Animal From a Shelter

The first and most obvious reason to adopt a rescue animal is that you are helping free up a space in the shelter for another animal in need. Thousands of animals are abandoned every year with rabbits being the third most abandoned animal at approximately 35,000 entering shelters every year in the UK.

Adopting also brings some advantages to you, namely:


RSPCA/SSPCA charge approx. £10 for a rescue rabbit. Pet shop rabbits usually cost around £25 to £30. In addition, they try to neuter/spay as many animals as they can so there is a good chance you will be able to take home a neutered animal, saving you what you would pay on neutering, approx. £100 to £150. Private rescues usually charge around £50 for a rabbit but will always have neutered/spayed it so you are still saving a considerable amount of money.


All shelter animals are vet-checked before adoption and many are also vaccinated. Again, this saves you money but it also gives peace of mind i.e. you know you are getting a healthy animal. Pet shop rabbits who are often separated from their mother too young may suffer from digestive problems.


The shelter volunteers will be able to tell you about the animal’s temperament, likes and dislikes. This knowledge can be invaluable, particularly if you already have a pet who you are looking for a companion for, as you can try to find an animal who will be a ‘good match’ for you and your existing pet.

And finally, there is the satisfaction and happiness in knowing that you have given an animal a second chance at life.

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