Pet Dander Allergy, You’re Not Really Allergic to Your Pet’s Fur

If you are allergic to pet dander, and if having a fish for a pet doesn’t really do it for you, then you really have your job cut out for you finding a pet that won’t to get your pet dander allergies started.

Most allergic reactions to things are caused by little protein molecules called allergens that are found in all kinds of substances. Since proteins are important building blocks of every life form on earth, and since most pets are large animals that have proteins all over in their fur, their skin, their saliva and their pee There’s really no way to completely guarantee that you won’t have problems with a given pet.

Some people believe that if they could just get a pet that had short fur, then it wouldn’t be a problem. They feel that they will probably sneak past their pet dander allergy if they could only make sure that all the pets in the house had really short fur.

Of course, allergies aren’t that simple. You see, dander isn’t just hair. It’s anything that a pet sheds regularly including skin flakes. When you see pet hair all around, you start to believe that it’s the hair that you’re allergic to. In fact, you’re allergic to the skin flakes that stick to the hair and that just fall about the house. You aren’t allergic to hair, mostly.

Basically, getting a pet With short hair isn’t really going to help you much. Getting a pet that doesn’t shed much hair now that might help. Because when there’s less hair lying about, there’s not as much skin flakes lying around either.

Okay, so you get the point you are looking for a dog that doesn’t shed much not a dog that has short hair. Now which dogs might meet your needs? You just need to log on to the website of the American Kennel Club for this information. They have lots of breeds listed that don’t shed much.

Even better, you want to look for a dog that doesn’t shed much of its undercoat. This tends to contain more skin flakes. Usually, they will recommend the Portuguese water dog such as what President Obama has, a poodle, an Irish water spaniel or the Mexican hairless dog.

For people with a really serious pet dander allergy problem, the American Kennel Club recommends that you try a designer dog like a Labradoodle blend. These are dogs that really shed very little.

Before you commit to a pet though, try to see if you can be around a similar animal somewhere and see if it actually works for you. What you read on the Internet is just general useful information. You may have specific allergies to specific dogs that aren’t covered.

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