Avoid Crazy Pet Names

Pets are very common and as people choose to have fewer children, pets have become the recipients of much lavish attention and these pampered pets tend to have crazy pet names. Simple pet names like Spot and Rover are less common as people strive to stand out in the crowd. Registered animals usually come with a long complicated name but are given a “house” or “barn” name, which is what the pet will be called on a daily basis around the house or around the barn. When naming a pet there is no reason to join the trend towards crazy pet names, instead consider the type of pet and how the pet name will be used. Another thing to consider is that the name of the pet can reflect on the owner.

Crazy Dog and Cat Names

Any pet that will be called by its name and be able to recognize it will need a short name that doesn’t sound like other common words. Skip long complicated names. If you name your cat after Puss in Boots because your cat looks exactly like the cat in the movie, you will have too long of a name and there isn’t much to work on for a nickname. If you are going to have your dog with a lot of other dogs, you want something unique so that it doesn’t run to everyone who has a dog by that name but you don’t have to choose a crazy pet name though. Just because you live with a pet with a celebrity name it doesn’t mean that you are a celebrity, so you can skip the crazy celebrity names for your pet. Be respectful and don’t name your pet a crazy derogatory name, it will only make you look bad when you yell out for your pet. There will be few people who will find humor in it. Also, avoid pet names that sound like swear words for the same reason.

Crazy Horse and Livestock Names

Even if your horse acts like a dog, it is crazy to give livestock dog or cat names. For livestock that will be eaten, it is also crazy to name it after the food it will become like naming a pig, pork chop. Naming turkeys Thanksgiving or Christmas is crazy. Though you might not expect a horse to come when called, they will have their name posted on show paperwork, medical records, and stalls, so consider that fact when choosing a name for a horse. Ponies should have a name that is easy for a child to pronounce and write not something crazy and complicated. Crazy livestock names are often hard to spell, so you will want to avoid having to spell it out every time.

Pets That Tolerate Crazy Names

When you don’t have to fill out paperwork for a pet or rarely refer to it by its name, you can get away with crazy names. The types of pets that can tolerate crazy, long, and complicated names include the following:

  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Turtles
  • Rodents
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs

These pets aren’t usually referred to by their name and commonly don’t know their name or answer to it.

Of course it is your pet and you can name it what you want, but remember your pet name will reflect on you so you might want to avoid crazy pet names.

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