The Pet That Can Enrich Your Life, a Teacup Pig: Part 1

These majestic animals are known by many names. But teacup pigs or micro pigs are really a smaller version of pot belly pigs, and they are the sweetest pig that you can have as a pet or will see out there.

For many though when they hear the word pig, they come up with a mental picture of a farm and this huge pig that is rolling around in the mud and eating slop. For others they sometimes picture a well mannered pig that is sitting in a living room with people like any other house pet. These are people that have experienced a pig like this or have had one as a pet and in the house.

The population that have a pig as a pet has grown. Teacup pigs are part of this increase in popularity. Why is this? It is simply because they are a much smaller than your standard farm pig and regular pot belly pig. Despite their name they are not really a teacup size, only when they are born are they small enough to literally fit in a teacup. So how big are they really? If you take a look at the standard pig that is 600-800 pounds fully grown and a pot belly big fully grown that can reach between 120-200 pounds, your teacup pig will come in at 30-65 pounds

.A Teacup pig is fully grown at 2 to 3 years old and is only about the height of the average cocker spaniel. Their life span is between 15-20 years, but some do live longer. These great pets are relatively low maintenance animals, if you have had a dog or have taken care of a dog they require about the same daily care as your everyday dog. Believe it or not these types of pigs are popular city pets and even apartment living pets due to their size. With this said you also must remember and realize that they are pigs with short legs, so they can manage small flights of stairs but not large ones.

Like a cat and now a days even small bread dogs, these pigs can be litter trained in just a matter of days. These are just enjoyable pets due to their intelligence and affectionate tendencies. Believe it or not their intelligence is compared to that of dogs and some even say higher. Keep in mind like dogs they can be prone to being lazy and even aggressive, if they are not properly exercised and socialized. They can be trained pretty easy if done properly with the motivation of food treats. Also keep in mind when they are corrected for something done wrong they should never be physically punished.

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