Why Timothy Hay Is the Best Option for Your Rabbit

Timothy hay is one of the most common types of hay advocated for pets’ diets. The hay is usually fed to a variety of small pets including rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs. It is also fed to horses and other farm animals.

Timothy hay is obtained by drying the natural perennial grass. It is then harvested, dried then compressed into bales. The hay has become a popular dietary component for small pets, because of its distinct characteristics and high quality fiber. The hay is known to enhance the nutritional and dental health of small pets.

The hay is highly fibrous, because it has a high stem to leaf ratio. This provides a lot of roughage for your pet to aid in bowel movements. It also helps to move balls of hair along the gastro intestinal tract in rabbits that are known to swallow hair balls. The roughage also assists in wearing off of your pets teeth especially in pets that have their teeth growing throughout their life time.

Preparation of the hay

Timothy hay is harvested, dried and then compressed to form the dietary hay. The grass should be cut just before it blooms, because at that particular time the moisture content in the grass is just right. This makes the hay dry at a faster rate and the possibility of decaying is minimal. The nutrient value of the grass at this point is also high which means that it will provide increased nourishment to your pet.

The advantages of incorporating Timothy hay to your pet’s diet

* It contains minimal dust; this kind of hay contains little or no dust which makes it the best kind of feed. Farmers with respiratory problems can therefore offer this hay to the animals without any problems. The absence of dust also means that the storage area is well aerated ensuring the hay remains fresh and produces a great fragrance.

* Low in calcium; calcium is known to cause serious bladder stones especially in rabbits. The low concentration of calcium makes this hay the ideal to feed your rabbits. You do not have to worry about dietary related illnesses.

* Timothy hay lasts longer; Timothy hay has a longer shelf life as compared to other types of hay. This is attributed to the low moisture content present when harvesting it. The low moisture content allows the grass to dry at a faster rate while retaining the freshness. It has a fragrance that entices pets to feed on it.

* Timothy has a lot of fiber that is essential for your pet’s digestive as well as dental health. The hay provides tough fiber for your pet to chew on. It aids in wearing of teeth that would otherwise overgrow and have serious impacts on your pet’s dental health.

Timothy hay is the ideal pet food in terms of quality, pricing and nutritional value. It is readily available and can be fed to pets of all ages with notable health benefits. However, this kind of hay should be gradually introduced to young animals together with plenty of water to aid in digestion.

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