Best International Airline for Pets

We all love to travel every now and then, whether it’s just to a nearby state or some other country. Of course, if you’re looking for a new experience, you’d consider going out of the country to visit different places all over the world. However, the feeling that you’re appreciating all these sights and sounds is something that can be enhanced if you are able to bring your pet with you. Besides, pets are seen as unofficial members of our very own families. Yet, the main problem lies in the fact that not all airlines actually have the best reputations when it comes to a passenger’s desire to travel with pets. A lot of airline carriers often situate your pet in the cargo hold, which can subject them to unfavorable temperature conditions, depending on the weather of your destination. However, below are 3 of the best airlines which offer international flights with a good reputation for handling pets:

Continental – This highly renowned airline allows you to carry your pets with you in the cabin, provided you have a carry-on bag. You should be able to fit your bag under your seat, and you will be subjected to an additional charge. If you plan to transport your pet without traveling with it, you can simply check on the flight progress through Continental’s official website.

El Al – To bring a pet with you, you need to make sure it weighs less than 8kg. You should also have a carrier for the pet which can fit under the passenger’s seat. Policies note that pets should not be held while taking off and landing. If you’re traveling to Hong Kong, London, South Africa or Australia, your pet will be staying in the cargo hold. Valid health documentation is required before departing, as well as an entry permit.

Virgin Atlantic – Virgin flights require pets to travel in the cargo hold, with the assurance that flight personnel will regulate pressurization and temperature settings to provide utmost comfort. If you travel with pets, you have to check them in 4 hours before the departure time to process documents and have them approved for being brought along with you. Sedated pets aren’t allowed on the flight to avoid any health risks. There are some additional fees incurred when you’re traveling with your pet, such as transport, customs clearance, ground handling and those for the destination’s Animal Reception Center at the airport.

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