Feeding Your Rabbits A Complete Diet

Many people would argue that there is no such thing as a complete diet for pets like rabbits, but the latest revolution in the world of Rabbit Food could prove people wrong! Complete diets now can come in the form of compressed cubes of Timothy hay, which include high in fibre nuggets, vitamins, minerals and prebiotics, and topped with herbs and flowers, they will guarantee to have your rabbit(s) jumping for joy. Because they contain a large amount of long and short fibre this makes the cubes provide for the dental, digestive and emotional well being, and this makes the cubes a complete food for your pets.

The great thing about these cubes is that they are easy to feed and they’re already portion controlled. You should look for a cube that contains around 59% of beneficial fibre and roughly 29% of Crude Fibre, this will ensure that your pets are getting the best balance of digestible and indigestible fibre, and because they are compressed it means that they shouldn’t crumble which means less waste, less dust and greater dental wear.

What Is a Complete Diet?

A complete diet is a diet a pet can eat that helps to maintain ALL of its needs without feeding them extra food.

Most Vets will recommend that a complete diet for rabbits should cover dental, digestive, and emotional health because Rabbits have very different needs compared to other animals.

Dental Health

A Rabbit’s teeth can grow up to 12 cm each year; this can involve painful spurs that can cut through their gums. To prevent this, teeth need to be worn down by eating a large amount of long fibre.

Emotional Health

Rabbits can experience behavioural problems such as aggression and fur plucking if you don’t look after their emotional health. So it’s important to provide plenty of long fibre to keep them occupied. Chewing the flowers and herbs from the cubes can encourage boding, and foraging as well as giving your Rabbit variety when it comes down to meal times.

Digestive Health

Rabbits have a very complicated digestive system and it relies on maintaining the right amount of friendly bacteria. This bacterium then allows them to process a small amount of digestible fibres into ‘night droppings’ which are passed and eaten directly from their bottoms which allows them to re-ingest all of the important nutrients.

Overall, Cubes can be great to feed your rabbit because they contain:

• Lots of long Fibre through Timothy Hay for dental Health
• Short Fibre and prebiotics through the form of nuggets for digestive health
• Shaped food which makes your rabbit work for their food,
• Variety is included in the form of herbs and flowers for emotional wellbeing.

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