Role Of A Veterinary Nurse

A veterinary nurse plays a significant role in animal hospitals or any private veterinary surgeon’s clinic. It is not uncommon to have a veterinary nurse in zoos, laboratories and general pet care centers. A vet nurse would be responsible to for the entire gamut of support functions that a vet surgeon would need at his clinic or in a hospital.

It does not restrict one to bookkeeping and assisting in the minor tests that are conducted on the pets and on other animals. A vet nurse goes on to assist a vet surgeon in the operations or all the surgeries that the surgeon would perform, in conducting tests, taking blood samples, medication and more. He or she is also normally the point of contact for the pet owners for anything that they need or the surgeon needs. In short the role of a veterinary nurse is to provide the all the support functions for the surgeon as well as for the pet owners.

The job can be highly exciting or deeply disappointing but it entirely depends on the individual. If you are thinking of opting for this career then you need to do so because you would love it and not simply because there are plenty of jobs in this domain and the rewards are handsome. Such a reason for this type of career selection may be a wrong move.

The job description of a vet nurse takes one through a lot of ups and downs. There may be ecstasy following a successful surgery or gloom following a failed one. It may be immensely demanding if one does not like being around animals or does not cherish the fact that a nurse is there to help out people or animals (in case of a vet nurse) in distress.

A normal day of a veterinary nurse is far from that of an admin. The job can get really interesting when one starts to understand the significance of one’s contribution towards making an animal healthy, up and running once again and to see the smiling faces of the owners or the little kids who are delighted to have their pups or kitties back on the field. If one really likes the job of helping out animals then the erratic schedules at times or the odd surgery on a weekend would hardly deter you from being happy on the job.

At the end of the day, the job of a veterinary nurse can be very satisfying and rewarding. It is a challenging job and seldom becomes mundane since there is a new case every day. For people not related to the medical field may not understand the difference between two animals suffering from the same disease but as a vet, each new case is a new challenge. The job also offers a high salary hence one does not need to be worked up with low wages or other financial irregularities. If you want to have a more challenging setting other than the confinement of a clinic or hospital, an animal zoo can be more adventurous.

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