Natural Wheatbags For Pets

As a pet owner and lover you know how sad it is to see your pet age and develop some of the same health problems that humans get when they age. Pets now live well into their teens and, with aging of the joints and the body the chance of stiffness, swelling and pain can and does occur. Arthritis in dogs as well as cats that are reaching their advanced senior years is more and more common.

One option to help your pet deal with the signs of aging is to feed a great diet that provides all the nutrients that senior pets need. It is also important to keep up their exercise levels and avoid any rapid weight gain which can put stress on already stiff or sore joints. If you are doing all this already you are on the right track but there is one more simple yet highly effective thing you can do for your pet.

Natural wheatbags are a wonderful way to help your senior cat or dog relieve pain, soothe and relax sore muscles and provide additional blood flow to stiff joints. It is also a great way to help your senior pet stay warm on colder winter, spring and autumn evenings. These natural wheatbags can be placed in the bedding under a towel to provide gentle heat that will help relieve stiffness in the morning. If the dog or cat is not a chewer you may not need the towel, they will just cuddle up on the bag and go to sleep.

For dogs that chew you may want to use natural wheatbags to heat up the bed and then remove them when the dog is going to use the bedding. Place the natural wheatbags, which will vary in size requirements based on the dog’s bed area, in place about 15 minutes before use. Remove and allow the dog to snuggle up in the warmth.

The bags can also be used as a spot treatment on hips, legs or along the spine. Your pet can be sitting on your lap, on the floor or anywhere else and you can simply hold natural wheatbags over the area that is problematic. This is a great option and will get your pet used to the bags. Always provide reassurance and lots of love and your cat or dog will soon come to view this therapeutic time as a real treat.

When using natural wheatbags with your pet there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, always monitor the heat level and intensity of the bag before placing it on your pet. If it seems hot to your hand it will be hot to the pet. Dogs and cats with shorter hair will feel the heat much more than long haired pets. Carefully watch your pet’s response and if they seem uncomfortable remove the bag and let it cool a bit. You may want to try heating it approximately half the recommended time so the dog and cat gets used to having natural wheatbags on their body.

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