Pet First Aid Can Help Save Your Pet’s Life

Pet first aid can help save your dog, cat, puppy or kitten. As with some things, you may not think you need it, until you’re actually without it. It can be a very traumatic event to find your pet choking on some food, your cat overheated on a hot summer day, or a newborn puppy having a seizure. Sometimes these events take place away from the home like when taking your dog for a walk or when you’re in the airport with your cat.

A few important things you can have in your pet first aid kit are:

• Muzzle – even the best behaved dogs can bite out of fear and stress
• Scissors – used to cut any foreign object that may be lodged in the fur
• Tweezers – people are not the only ones prone to the occasional splinter
• Gloves – used to protect yourself from both receiving or transmitting germs
• Towels – multiple uses
• Medical tape and gauge – in case you need to bandage a wound or cut

One of the most important parts of your pet first aid kit is the contact number of your veterinarian. You should also have the contact number of an emergency veterinarian as well as an after-hours contact number for your veterinarian.

You should also be prepared for any natural disasters that may happen. This can include disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake, tornado or even a tsunami. Things you can do to prepare is make sure you have a pre-determined plan in place, communicate and cooperate with emergency personnel and have a disaster recovery plan in place. Another good idea is to make sure your pet has a collar tag that will help identify them if they become lost.

It is also important to pack a simplified pet first aid kit when you travel with your pet. A key item of this would be medication to help with stress and diarrhea. Traveling can be hard on your pet which can lead to stress and diarrhea. Make sure you also have your veterinarian contact information in a safe place in case you need to contact them. You can also call the national animal poison control hot-line at 888-426-4235 if you can’t contact your veterinarian.

The items above can be put to even better use if you have participated in a pet first aid course. These courses typically will prepare you for how to handle an emergency with your pet. Your local red cross will be able to assist you in finding a pet first aid course.

With the ever increasing popularity of smart phones, there are even pet first aid apps now that you can download right to your iPhone or Android. These pet apps very in design and style, but they all offer vital information on what to do when your pet is in need of some medical help. Of course, these apps are to be used as a tool and you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

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