Luxury Pet Supplies That Are and Are Not Worth the Price

From a one hundred and forty dollar wedding dress for dogs that is sold online to a ten thousand pound deluxe rabbit hutch that one Norfolk based owner made for his pets, the lengths that some people go to, to keep their beloved pets happy is starting to entering the realms of the ridiculous. But whilst forking out for your dog to tie the knot with the puppy next door is really not going to improve the life of your pet in any way, there are some luxury pet supplies that do have benefits for their health, happiness and wellbeing.

Every pet owner wants the best for their pet, be it a dog, a cat or something more exotic. Many people come to see their pets as family members and will buy them the best possible goods that they can afford. However when it comes to pet supplies, simply buying the most expensive option every time can lead to a lot of money wasted, which is money that could otherwise be spent on the little luxuries that actually do make a difference to the life of your pet.

Feeding time is a prime example. Your cat or dog really does not care if it is eating from a bowl made out of plastic or hand crafted from diamond encrusted gold. In fact, your pet probably has not even noticed the difference. They just want the food that is inside so do not splash out on a luxury bowl if it means you can only afford to fill it with cut price food.

Pet food is one area where your pet will really reap the benefits of you spending a little bit extra. Just as with humans, pets need to eat a balanced and healthy diet that includes a variety of vitamins and minerals to ensure long term health. Penny pinching on cat and dog food now can lead to very serious illnesses such as arthritis in the future that, if diagnosed too late, no amount of money will be able to cure. Opt for high quality, brands that offer natural ingredients and use dry foods only as treats or a side dish, never as the main diet.

Recently, the popularity of dog coats and other pet clothing has skyrocketed but whilst you may think Felix looks great in his new tweed jacket the truth is that it probably does not provide any more warmth than a cheaper coat and your pet certainly will not treat it more carefully. Animals have a thick coating of fur that keeps them warm and are usually more than happy to venture outside in cold weather without a coat. However if you are particularly worried about keeping your pet warm, for example if it is quite an old dog or it is ill, buy the coat with the thickest padding, not the one with the glitziest trim.

Furniture is another of the many pet supplies where owners are faced with options ranging from bargain to blowout. It is well known that dogs and cats love to scratch at and rip up furniture, unless you are happy to see that velvet dog sofa you spent your whole pay cheque on with a lovely big tear in the side after three months, it is wiser to stick to standard options. However, orthopaedic furniture such as memory foam beds cost more than your average dog or cat basket, but has been specifically designed to alleviate pain and discomfort in pets with arthritis and other joint conditions. They may not look so glamorous but your pet is going to be far more comfortable, happy and healthy, so when it comes to orthopaedic furniture always go for the best that you can buy.

To summarise, there are many pet supplies on the market ranging from the most basic to the downright absurd, but do not be taken in by appearances when it comes to buying luxury cat supplies or overpriced dog supplies. If you really love and want the best for your pet, its health and happiness should be your two main priorities, which means buying products that have some genuine benefit regardless of what they look like. Your cat or dog can tell the difference when you swap from basic to gourmet food, but believe me, they will not even notice that crystal studded collar.

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