Pet Safety Around The Pool

Pool owners who do not have children to worry about around the pool may have pets that they want to keep away from the dangers of their swimming pool. The family swimming pool can be a very real danger to pets that either do not know how to swim well or pets that slip and fall into the pool. Just like children, pets should be supervised at all times when they are around the swimming pool to prevent accidents.

Many dogs enjoy swimming, however, they should only be allowed in the pool when they are supervised. You don’t want your dog jumping in the pool every time they are let outside. Not only does this pose the possibility that they could drown, but would create quite a mess as well. During the winter months the pool will be very cold and it would not be good for your pet to decide to take a swim. Some dogs do not swim well and could fall into the pool and drown. Elderly dogs may not see as well as they used to and could easily misjudge and fall into the pool. All of these are good reasons for installing a pet guard pool fence around your pool to prevent an accidental drowning of your pet.

Should you have to drain your pool for any reason, a dog that is used to swimming whenever they please may not realize that the pool does not have any water in it and could jump in seriously injuring themselves. Imagine the damage that could be caused if a dog jumped in a pool and landed on the concrete in an 8 foot deep end. If the dog survived the jump, they would almost certainly have a broken bone or two.

Some dogs drink the pool water. This is not a good idea as there are many chemicals in the pool that may cause your pet to get sick. The only way to prevent your dog from drinking the water is to create a barrier between your pet and the pool.

A pet guard pool fence is manufactured with the same high quality materials as a child pool safety fence and installed in the same manner. It is just a shorter height than the child safety fence, however, it is too high for most dogs to jump over. The holes in the mesh are also very small and would prevent your pet from climbing over the fence. Obviously, if there is any concern about children getting into your pool unsupervised you should install a pool safety fence which will protect both children and pets. The pet guard pool fence can also be installed with a self latching gate which allows for easy access to the pool area by adults.

Keeping your pet safe around your swimming pool should be a priority. Pet drownings occur much more often then most people would think. This is quite easy to do with a pet guard pool fence which is professionally manufactured and installed to match your current pool deck area.

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