Flower Essences and How They Work for Animals

Is your dog experiencing some emotional distress? Shaking or hiding during thunderstorms, barking at the UPS man, experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? A fear of the unknown? Suddenly becoming aggressive or territorial? Perhaps it is time to investigate and learn about how Flower Essences can assist your animal’s emotional challenge.

Although flowers and plants with medicinal properties have been around for thousands of years and used extensively by indigenous tribes, modern day essences began their popular rise in the late 1800’s through the work and medical research of Dr. Edward Bach in England.

Dr. Bach gave up practicing traditional medicine when he began observing that many of his patients were not making a full recovery with traditional medicines. He left his practice in the city and moved to the English countryside, where he began working in his gardens and tuning into to what he later termed the “signature properties of the flowers.”

Following his hunches, Dr. Bach began prescribing some of the 38 flower essence remedies he named to his patients who he identified as experiencing emotional traumas or distress through an extensive questionnaire he had developed. Lo and behold, Dr. Bach began noticing major changes in his patients and roots causes of issues simply disappearing. And thus the Bach Flower Remedy line was born.

Today the Bach line is still going strong and dozens of Flower Essence producers are making excellent remedies.

The essences work based on an energetic frequency model for health. Each remedy addresses a specific issue that may be affecting the person or animal and subtly and gently assist by shifting the energy frequency that is imbalanced back into balance.

For instance, Mimulus works wonders for animals with known fears such as: thunderstorms and loud noises. Rock Rose addresses panic and terror issues, while Vine is great for animals exhibiting aggression and Rescue Remedy is excellent for anxious animals or animals experiencing stress or changing situations.

The wonderful thing about the essences is that they are inexpensive (about $16 for a bottle), non- toxic, are so easy to administer (just drop into your animals water) and they really work, often quite quickly (I have seen shifts in animals in as few as 5 minutes).

Flower Essences work wonders for animals (and humans) in distress on many levels. I utilize them extensively in my Animal Wellness and Animal Communication practices as I find them to hit the spot and address the roots cause not just the symptoms.

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