Choosing a Pet Exercise Pen

I have two Golden Retrievers, so it goes without saying that I patronise pet shops quite often to buy dog food and other stuff for them. One thing I noticed while at pet shops is the way some pet owners choose pet exercise pen. They merely asked for something affordable. That is not the way to purchase such an important item. I am going to guide you on how to choose the right pet exercise pen, right now.

Since my experience is confined only to dogs, I will be talking about dog play pen.

(a) If you take a good look at play pens, its main structure is made up of flat panels which are connected together to form various shapes. Look for one which does not have sharp edges and are coated with zinc. Never buy a dog pen which has sharp edges if you have children at home. Just imagine what can happen if they climbed inside to play with the pet or pets. They may get seriously injured if they are not careful. A zinc-coated pen is good because they are more durable. Stay clear of those with coatings that could easily come off or are made of dangerous chemicals.

(b) Do you bring your dogs around town a lot? If so, it is best to buy a play pen which can be folded. That way, it can fit nicely in your vehicle and can be easily erected when you reach your destination.

(c) Take note of how high your dog can jump. A low-sided pen would do if you have a pet which could hardly jump. But if they could jump quite high, make sure you tell the retailer about it. Otherwise, you could be purchasing something useless. I cannot imagine you buying a dog play pen which is two feet high when your dog could jump three feet.

(d) In the event that you plan to keep the pet exercise play pen indoor most of the time, make sure to put a protective covering on your floor. Otherwise, spills and scratches might become a headache. If they were meant for the outdoors, you should have anchors to make sure it stays firm on the ground. Ground anchors are needed to prevent your pet from escaping right underneath the exercise pen.

If you follow these tips on how to choose the right pet exercise pen closely, you can’t go wrong with your purchase.

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