The Top 5 Ferret Cages

Ferrets do require playtime daily out of their cage, however the ferrets generally spend a high amount of time inside their cages as they are unsupervised. A well-constructed, large cage is needed. Here is a list of the top 5 ferret cages for sale:

Super Pet Multiple Level Cage

As you go to buy ferret cages, keep in mind that at 24 inches by 24 inches by 41.5 inches high, it is not a huge cage, yet it’s a decent size and if you search around you could discover one well-priced. It features three adjustable shelves and ramp, a Funnel tube to attach the levels and a slide. A few owners complained concerning the sturdiness of the accessories and shelves for bigger ferrets and you might need to play around some with the configuration of the shelves and accessories in order to suit the ferret. As it may not be the ideal cage out there, it’s one of the biggest within its price range.

The Marshall Ferret Mansion

As you go to purchase ferret cages bear in mind that Mini Mansion (37 inches by 24 inches and 31.5 inches tall) is a fair size for a ferret and features two balconies and ramps. The bigger Mansion includes a spacious 37 inches by 24 inches and 56 inches tall, with 3 adjustable balconies and ramps. Height falls are a worry with this cage therefore, add a hammock for safety. It has a slide out pan for easy cleaning that locks to foil crafty ferrets. Plus, it possesses decent size casters and doors.

Ferplast Furet Tower Cages

Another great ferret cages for sale, the cage is just sold in Europe, yet has a special design. The cage is two stacked cages attached by plastic tubing. Unsure how simple that might be to clean, yet offers a lot of climbing and space without what amounts to a complete floor in the center. Unfortunately, the shelves are only tiny corner shelves therefore don’t give a lot of added floor space, and hammocks are still a great idea to avoid falls from the highest shelf. Its dimensions are 32 inches by 30 inches X 64 inches tall.

Super Pet Four Story Funnel House

It’s a special cage which is a good size (47 inches by 20 inches and 37 inches tall). With shelves, ramps, and clear Bubble Wave tubes, there includes a lot of opportunities for exercise within this cage. This cage comes with a wheeled, raised stand. The tunnels may be difficult to clean, yet add interest to the cage. This cage is not too tall therefore falls aren’t as much of an issue as with the taller cages.

Martin’s Ferret Cage

There are various available configurations. Most feature wire multiple levels or carpeted balconies requiring caution. You should cover the wire levels using linoleum or another solid surface because walking upon wire flooring is overly difficult on their feet. Townhouse (36 inches by 30 inches x 60 inches), Condo (30 inches by 24 inches by 48 inches) and Hotel (48 inches by 18 inches by 48 inches) are great selections.

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