What Are The Ideal Pets for Pre-Schoolers?

At one point in their preschool years, a child typically asks his or her mom and dad: “Can I have a pet?” Well if you think about it, having a pet can teach children a lot of things. For starters, it can teach kids how to be responsible. On top of that, it also gives them a sense of ownership since they literally own something and having a pet will also divert their attention from the hours and hours spent in front of the TV or playing at the park, etc.

Like everything else, kids need to have pets that are age appropriate. For your preschooler, here are the top five recommended pets:

Gold Fish

A pet fish is very practical and recommended for families who do not have the luxury of space. They literally require the least maintenance. Aside from regular feeding (which can be done by the child), it is only the fish bowl and the water that needs maintenance.


As they say, a dog is man’s best friend. If you want a very friendly and compassionate pet for your child, get a dog. Dogs make great pets — they’re playful and very friendly. Not only that, they also tend to be very protective of their masters. However, dogs obviously require a lot of maintenance — feeding, grooming, cleaning-up, etc. Also, dogs also require some formal training.


Cats are very comforting pets. They love to be cuddled by their owners. This is why this pet is ideal for kids who are gentle and loving. Nonetheless, keep in mind that cats are also high-maintenance. Plus, they are a no-no for kids who have allergies.


Pet birds are very active, they’re colorful and really social. But they technically don’t do much. So with that said, birds aren’t ideal for kids who are very active.

Gerbils or Hamsters

If you want something small, furry, playful and very active, you can get your child a gerbil or a hamster. These types of pets are referred to as “pocket pets” because they are obviously small. They don’t need that much maintenance. All they need is a roomy cage that’s got a lot of wheels, ladders, and tubes to play in. They’re basically very active and playful. On top of that, pocket pets are nocturnal. Meaning, it will be OK if you leave the house the whole day as they are usually asleep at that time.

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