Managing Asthma With Pets – 5 Features The Right Air Purifier Should Have

Asthma and pets generally don’t mix. Both if you’re in love with your you need a solution that can help you keep your pet. The right air purifier with these 5 features can help you manage your asthma and enjoy your pet too.

HEPA Technology—Your warm blooded pet (bird, dog, cat, bunny, and ferret) shed dander that although microscopic, is one of the most potent respiratory triggers known. The protein in these tiny flakes of dead skin can cause problems that range from minor to life threatening.

A high efficiency particle arresting filter (HEPA) is designed to not only pet-related particles such as dander but more normal household pollutants that can problems such as dust mite, mold and mildew spores, and seasonal pollen.

Carbon Cloth for Gaseous Particles—Removes Other Asthma Triggers—Respiratory conditions such as asthma are very often triggered by a combination of irritants. Dust mites, dust, pollen, smoke; chemical fumes from household, personal, and cleaning products can all combine to create trigger happy air.

Pre-Filters—These filters are one of the best indications that filter changes will be few and far between. Designed to trap large and medium size particles they prevent large particles from needlessly filling the filter that is designed to trap microscopic ones.

Long Filter Life—A cleaner that has a filter life of only 6 months or a year is a drain on finances and your time. Each time you spend time changing the filter is time that the air is becoming thick with irritants.

The most effective cleaner will have a filter life of at least 5 years, and a filter warranty to back up that claim.

Continuous Cleaning—It can be pretty scary to walk into a room that makes your throat close or causes you to wheeze.. This is usually because the number of irritants such as pet hair, dander, dust mites, among others, are so high that it sends your body into overdrive.

A cleaner with a motor that is designed to run safely and effective 24 hours a day can prevent irritants low making the air safe and comfortable for you to breathe. Knowing that your cleaner is working to keep the air clean gives you peace of mind as well as clean air to breathe.

Being able to keep and enjoy your pet despite asthma is priceless, and letting the right air cleaner keep your air fresh and virtually irritant free will increase the quality of life for you and your pet.

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