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Typically, before we embark upon our weekly shopping trip we will draw up a scratch list of items that we believe we will need for the coming week or two.

Very often we will list not only the bare basics, such “eggs” or “bread,” but also the brands that we have come to recognise as having cemented a particularly close relationship with our taste buds. Just a small, subtle variation in the ingredients used, or the process by which the product was put together, can sometimes make the difference between a product we veritably pine for and one to which we tend towards complete indifference.

Quite often though, having itemised each brand and carefully thought through our own preferred flavours we will round off the list with the catch-all “dog food,” intending to track down the best value, lowest priced tin containing something rather mushy that we know the dog will eat if he or she is hungry enough.

And yet each and every requirement that we ourselves have for healthy, nutritional food and a balanced diet is shared by those we call our best friends. Unlike that noisy child, your dog may not have the words with which to tell you, but a pet’s body too reacts badly to being repeatedly topped up with the reconstituted scrapings of the more obscure areas of an herbivore’s anatomy.

This is the reason that it is just so important to be aware of what is actually contained in the food that we give to our dogs. Being carnivores they already have a more restricted diet than we do, so the quality of the proteins that they take, along with the range of nutrients that they receive, can be highly important factors in a dog’s overall health and longevity. That isn’t to say at all that they cannot be allowed to enjoy a treat once in a while, indeed the treat itself can help us to provide nutrients whilst keeping your pet happy with a touch of variety. Instead it just means that we should be aware of our pets’ needs, and indeed ensure that they are met.

Established providers of high quality pet supplies include Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved and Arden Grange. These suppliers, as well of course as some others, have built their reputations on providing high quality, scientifically endorsed, nutritional food products that have a clear demonstrable benefit to your pet’s long-term health and happiness.

When it is considered against the cost of our overall shop adding a few extra pence or cents to our bill each week to make sure our faithful pets enjoy a long, happy and contented life doesn’t seem too much of a price to pay.

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