In Home Pet Care – The Great Alternative to a Dog Boarding Kennel or Cattery

Are you planning a holiday or business trip and wondering who will look after your pets or where you should leave them? Have you considered in home pet care? It’s a great alternative to using a boarding kennel or cattery and an option that your pets will thank you for. Discover why so many people are making this choice.

Going on holiday is an exciting time for the human family. Some of us look forward to relaxing while others enjoy the thrill of new experiences. We get to meet new people, see fascinating locations, try new and interesting foods and stay in variety of places. Or there are those that holiday at the same place every year because they feel comfortable and don’t like a lot of change, some even preferring to stay at home and ‘holiday ‘because nothing beats the creature comforts of home. The latter is how our furry family members feel.

Our pets, particularly our dogs and cats, don’t like change. In fact big changes tend to make them stress which has a whole gamut of effects on their mental and physical health. Cats and dogs like to be in familiar surrounds and follow their everyday routine and this is where the services of a professional in home pet care provider can help.

Placing your pets in a kennel or cattery is quite a daunting experience, similar to you going to live in a foreign country knowing no one or the language. Their senses our inundated with unfamiliar smells, sounds and sights which can be very unsettling. Our dogs and cats are also very social animals and need the company of humans on a regular basis which is an important element often not offered or available when staying at a kennel or cattery. Your pets are typically fed a totally different diet to which they are accustomed, often leading to diarrhoea and weight loss. When changing your pet’s food it should be a gradual process over a period of seven to ten days. When boarding, your beloved pets will also have a greater chance of contracting parasites and diseases due to the new environment and close proximity of other dogs and cats. A much healthier, safer and far less stressful option is to have your pets cared for in their own home environment.

Using an in home pet care provider is a little like having a pet butler. Quality pet carers will offer a choice of one or more visits per day. Twice daily services are ideal as they help to maintain your pet’s normal routine. The visits can vary in length and are designed to ensure your pets remain healthy and content while you’re away. Not only do they ensure they are fed and have clean water, your pet sitter will keep your furry friends entertained and will happily play; walk, talk; brush or whatever it takes to keep them happy (of course litter change and pooper scooping is always included).

No longer will you need to impose on family, friends or neighbours; worry about your pets travel sickness or waste time dropping them off as your pet sitter will come to you. As an added bonus, using an in home pet carer will give your home some added security. Most will include collecting mail and papers; putting your rubbish bins out/in; watering your plants; opening/closing curtains; lights on/off; even starting up the car.

So if you are a pet parent looking for a better option, arrange to board your pets at home. Be sure to use a professional pet sitter who will arrange to meet you and all your pets prior to your departure. They will tailor a care plan to suit you and your pets needs and take detailed information on your pet’s likes; dislikes; eating habits; daily routines; health and temperament. A skilled pet sitter will have a broad range of pet care experience; will often hold Pet First Aid and CPR Certification and will always be happy to provide copies of reports from other pet parents. For added piece of mind they will hold public liability insurance and have Police Clearance.

Take the stress out of going on holidays. Let your local professional pet care provider care for your pets in the comfort of their own home. Your precious pets will eat their regular diet; sleep with ease and continue to do many if not all of their regular activities. They will receive daily social interaction, exercise and petting which makes for a much happier pet.

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