So You’re Going to Bring Your Guinea Pig Home

It’s an exciting time going to bring your guinea pig home but there should be a few steps before you head off to do that. Take the time to learn and explore a little about the new pet that you are considering. Teach your children and allow them to explore the world of their new pet. Your local library will have books on the subject or you can buy one form your local bookstore. Ask if there is a book you can borrow from school. If you visit our website you will find some interesting articles on general guinea pig care. Visit your local pet supplier a pig rescue station or a friend who has pigs so that you can be exposed to them and learn a little about what it means to have a piggy living at your place.

Look around at cages or runs and see what is available and work out what size cage you need for the number of pigs that you are going to get. Decide where you are going to keep the pigs housed. Guinea pigs cannot tolerate extremely cold weather so are you going to keep your pig cage indoors during winter months or in a garage or shed. If you decide on garage or shed you may still have to consider some sort of heating. Electric heating is the safest and a 60 watt incandescent light globe in a sound safety glass enclosure like a work light. Keep this in the cage and it may supply sufficient warmth. (I’m not too sure if the energy-saving lights will produce sufficient warmth.) Make sure that your pigs can not get at the wiring because they like to chew and I have had one of my piggies eat through one of my computer speaker cables while he was sitting on my lap. I only noticed when my sound stopped.

The first few days that your pigs are in the house will be a settling in time. Guinea pigs are only small animals and we are very large in size compared to them, even children. Allow a little alone time for your piggy to settle in to the new environment. Don’t overcrowd it or handle it too much as it will need a little time to get used to the change. You can still pick the pig up and give it a little tender attention but just be aware of the settling in period.

I hope you have heaps of fun with your piggies when they get used to you.

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