Why an Underground Fence System Is the Best Option to Keep Your Pets Safe

We love our pets and we want the best for them, so how do we keep them safe and on our property when were not home? Let’s face it we all live very busy lifestyles and we can’t always bring our loved ones with us. As a lover of animals and a long time owner of both dogs and cats may I suggest from experience that there are several options that may or may not suit you or your situation.

One option would be to install either a wood or chain link fence. Traditional fencing can contain your pet, however it can be quite expensive, unsightly, and sometimes not appreciated by neighbors. Often dogs and cats will leap over or dig under a traditional fence. Another option would be to build a kennel which only allows minimal freedom. With a kennel be sure to pour a concrete pad to eliminate escape by digging and be sure to have at least six foot tall walls for pets that like to jump. Another option you could choose is to use a line or chain; however this option has always seemed a little cruel to me, and can sometimes create aggressive behavior. If your pet gets loose it’s ready to run for freedom. Having personal experience with traditional fences, kennels and tie lines I have found yet another option with benefits that I believe far outweigh the others.

Underground Fencing! An Underground Fence System is a cost effective, humane way to keep your pets safe, and on your property while allowing them the freedom most other options don’t allow for. These dog fencing or cat fence systems create an invisible barrier around your property that pets can’t jump over or dig under. Underground Fence Systems are easy to install by burying the boundary wire 1 to 2 inches below ground or can be installed above ground with the use of Sod Staples. A n Electronic Fence can be used to contain multiple pets and by your design can keep your pets out of areas like swimming pools, gardens, flowers and shrubs.

An Underground Fence System contains your pets on your property keeping them safe. An Underground Fence is an inexpensive alternative to traditional fences and gives your pets the freedom they desire. An Underground Fence System gives you the Peace of Mind knowing you are doing the best thing to protect your pets. The best option for pet containment is an Underground Fence Dog Fence or Cat Fence.

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