A Pet Obesity Problem Is Usually a Pet Owner Obesity Problem

People can be very conscientious when it comes to taking care of their pets. They’ll think about the right diet, they’ll notice when their pet seems to be putting on a little weight and they will always be regular with taking their pet out on a walk. But usually, there is a limit to how much person can take on in a day. That limit is usually reached when a new baby arrives in the family. In many families, that’s when they first begin to deal with pet obesity.

It isn’t just fewer exercise opportunities that makes pet obesity common in homes with new babies. They also have a lot more food than before. Guests come in all the time in homes with new babies – they usually bring lots of goodies as gifts. And who do you think eats all those goodies? But after the new baby is three months old or so, parents usually take their babies out on walks in a stroller, don’t they? Couldn’t the dog come on a walk like that? Newsflash – most parents aren’t comfortable having their dogs around when they take their baby out on the stroller. They don’t feel it’s safe for the baby.

A survey done by a pet supplement company finds that pet obesity is common in homes with new babies. In fact, one out of three people who contact a vet about a pet with weight problems have a new baby in the family. One out of three elderly pet owners have fat pets too – because they are often unable to provide them with the walks they need.

Of course, anytime a pet owner is unable to take a pet out on walks, he feels guilty. And how do you think he compensates for the guilt? With more treats given to the pet, of course. There is such as thing as dog years being longer than human years. Animals don’t live as long as humans do. A human lives for 80 years – as against 10 years for a dog. Everything is accelerated for a dog; you can’t neglect a pet obesity problem for as long as you can with a human. All those things that happen to a person who neglects his health – heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes and cancer – all those things happen to pets a lot faster.

So what are you supposed to do with a pet obesity problem when you just have your hands full with a new baby? You can to begin with, a visit to the website of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention to find out what exactly would be a target weight for your pet. And then, you need to restrict yourself with how often you feed your pet. Make sure that you get a high chair food catcher so that you dog isn’t around to clean up on anything that’s falling off your child’s highchair.

And as for exercise, you don’t need to take out time separately for this. If your pet is overweight, chances are, you aren’t getting any lighter yourself. You can take time out for exercise together with your pet.

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