Ways To Find a Lost Pet

Finding lost pets depends totally on your luck, because they wander away to unknown places very easily. There are still some ways you can possibly find your pet.

You should look out for it in the neighborhood as it is the closest place to your house where it could have headed. Ask your neighbors if they have seen it. If you are unable to find it in the neighborhood, print out some fliers with a picture of your pet and some details and distribute it to your neighbors and some people who live in the surrounding areas.

The best place you should go to is a shelter house where you might find it in safe condition. Many government agencies take charge of stray animals and hand them over to shelter homes. Do not call the shelter home or animal control department because they might not be able to identify your pet the way you described it. This can happen due to the fact that the pet might not be in the same condition as it was when it left you; it could be in a dirty condition which can have changed the way it looks. If you had allocated an identification mark to it, it might also have lost it. Visit the shelter home every other day because sometimes it takes more than 72 hours for a pet to be picked up.

Unfortunately, if you don’t succeed in finding the pet, the next possible place to know of it is the highway maintenance department checklist and the shelter’s dead list of animals. The highway maintenance department sends a list to the animal control department so you should check them out.

Alternatively, you can also put up an ad in the local paper. Many people only look out in the local papers for owners of animals. An advertisement in the newspaper can help you establish the fact that you were looking for your pet actively. This will be more important in case someone else tries to claim the pet.

You can also ask local business franchises to put up your flier that helps a lot to find the pet. Such places include fast food restaurant, gas stations, grocery and convenience stores. Also get in touch with local rescue organizations and give them the flier because people who don’t want to take animals to their home hand them over to shelters. If the rescue people work closely with local organizations, they will soon get to know of any animal that matches the details of your pet.

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