How To Find a Pet If It Is Lost

Everyday there are several reports about lost pets. Some of these pets are stolen by criminals, while others simply escape and are not able to find their way back home. All pet owners should make sure that their home is secure so that a pet does not get out of the house without permission.

Unfortunately, sometimes these scenarios are unavoidable. If your dog or cat wanders out of the house and are not able to find their way back, there is a lot more that the owner can do to find a pet than just sit and pray that their pet will return home.

The first thing that the owner should do is visit nearby animal shelters on a daily basis. Some people simply call animal shelters to see if their missing pet has been found, while some people email animal shelters with pictures of their pets in an attempt to find them.

While both these methods are okay, it is better to visit the shelter personally as the worker at the pet shelter may not be able to figure out if the missing is yours or not. The owner will be able to better describe their pet in person and also get a chance to look at all the animals that have been found in recent times.

An owner can also call local radio stations to broadcast that their pet is missing. Getting an announcement out allows for the search horizon to expand which could result in the pet being found quicker.

Another great way to find a pet is to print posters. Posters have been known to get people reunited with their pets long after they have given up the search looking for them. Keep in mind that the poster must be in great detail and must include the name, sex, age and breed of the pet along with a close-up digital photo of the pet. The owners contact details should also be written clearly on the poster.

In order to get people’s attention with the posters, it is important to use bright colors. An owner can also put the phrase “Reward Offered” in big letters so that people are interested in looking for the pet in order to get the reward.

Once the posters have been made, the posters should be put up outside vet clinics, stores, community mailboxes and near by gas stations. It is recommended that the owner should not just put up posters in their town. In order to expand the search, posters should be put up in nearby communities as well just to make sure that the pet is not in another area.

A person could also advertise an ad in the local newspaper under the lost section. Keep in mind that this is a more expensive form of finding the pet but it is also very effective as newspapers reach a large number of people.

The pet owner should make sure that they are able to be reached at anytime and if for some reason they are not able to answer their phones, their answer machines should work properly so that a message can be saved.

Above all else, never give up. Pets have been noticed to be found several months after they have been reported missing. Find a pet with the help of the local community and bring it home safely.

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