It Is Hurricane Season – Do You Have A Pet Emergency Plan In Place?

Having a pet emergency plan in place for hurricane season is one of the most sensible things you can do as a responsible pet owner.

When you hear a hurricane is on its way, you don’t get much warning. This causes panic and often you forget what you need to do and forget important things, like your beloved animal or things that can cause you to be turned away from shelters, this is why a pet emergency plan is so important.

As part of your pet emergency plan you should have three sections, preventative, during and after. Follow these points when a hurricane is due and this way you shouldn’t forget anything of importance.

Part of the preventative measure is to ensure that your dog is fully up to date with his vaccinations and that he is wearing a collar with an identification tag. As part of your pet emergency plan you need an animal carrier, this must be large enough to enable your animal to stand up and turn around.

Place the carrier in an easy to reach space, it’s advisable to put their proof of vaccinations in the carrier for a quick getaway should you be evacuated.

You will also need a current photograph. Before a hurricane you need to put your contacts on your pet emergency plan, are you going to drop them at a family or friends house outside the emergency area or are you going to place them in a shelter or vet surgery? Ensure this is included in your escape plan.

Once you have all your items listed on your pet emergency plan you will be prepared should a hurricane strike. As soon as you receive the hurricane warning follow your pet emergency plan, this way you cannot forget any important information.

The first thing you will need to do is call the shelters and see if they have space, unfortunately during crisis these shelters can only work on a first come first serve basis. You will need to delivery your pet in a carrier with a collar and identification tag, you will also be required to supply ample food and bowls and display their vaccination records.

Put procedures to follow after the hurricane in your pet emergency plan as well, this may seem obvious but hurricanes are devastating to both humans and animals. The first thing you will need to do is inspect your home for any animals or reptiles that may have moved in during the storm which are dangerous or poisonous to your animal. Check the yard for downed power lines.

One other thing you must keep an eye on after a hurricane is your animal’s behavior; catastrophic events such as hurricanes can cause animals to become aggressive.

If you didn’t have time or couldn’t find a rescue shelter and had no choice but to leave your animal at home, ensure they are safe and calm. If your fluffy friend has gone missing use the photograph to make posters and hopefully with the collar and identification tag, someone will call you soon and reunite you with your beloved animal quickly.

Following simple steps such as a pet emergency plan can help ensure that you don’t forget anything in the rush when evacuating. Forgetting important information such as vaccination information can result in you being turned away from animal shelters, so follow it to the letter and ensure your animal is safe this hurricane season.

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