Remembering a Pet – Ash Urns, Contemporary and Classic

When little Fido or Fluffy’s time on this earth is up, it can be devastating. Losing a faithful pet can be very emotional and it’s completely normal to grieve their loss much like you would the loss of a human. If you decide to keep your pet’s ashes, urns can be a great way to have them around the house as a memorial to their wonderful spirit and the companionship they provided for so many years.

Though there was once a taboo regarding pet ash urns in the home, those viewpoints are changing rapidly in most societies and now there are urns available for any size or type of pet you may own. They also come in a wide variety of styles to suit your taste and, of course, your pet’s personality.

Classic Pet Urns for a Steadfast Companion

Was your dog or cat constantly by your side? Were they the faithful companion that took you through both the good times and the bad for so many years? Perhaps you would like to focus on selecting a classic style urn for your pet.

What defines “classic” pet ash urns? Start with wood, for one. The strength and durability has long been used in memorials and the deep, rich color of the wood hearkens back to earlier centuries when memorials were hand crafted with care. A classic urn will likely not have any literal representations of a pet (such as a paw print or a bone) on the urn itself, but it may still have a sense of playfulness to it.

Contemporary Urns for a Fun Loving Partner

If you and your beloved animal enjoyed adventures, both indoor and out, then consider getting a contemporary pet ash urn to memorialize their life. These urns will likely be made out of materials such as metal, glass and porcelain. They can feature a wide variety of imagery or simply have a very “edgy” feel to them.

These pet urns can look exactly like the urns a human would choose, however, they are typically smaller than an adult-sized urn would be. When browsing contemporary pet ash urns, look for something that represents the fun spirit that your pup or kitty had. Whether it’s a pop of color or a cute icon to remind you of their paw prints, make sure that the urn you select embodies their personality, since it will be a memorial to them in the years to come.

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