Tip for Getting Your Pet to Wear a Costume

Pet costumes are cute but most importantly, is the one you’ve chosen going to be comfortable for your furry friend? Think about when you’re choosing a Halloween costume for yourself – would you wear one you couldn’t move properly in? Would you enjoy dragging dangling pieces along the ground? What about a big fluffy warm costume when you’re going to hot and crowded party? Think of how you’d answer these questions, then start looking for a costume for your pet.

Comfort is key when it comes to choosing a pet costume. In order for your pet to be comfortable follow the tips below:

  • Make sure the costume fits properly – choose one with loose-fitting cuffs and collars.
  • Introduce it slowly – pick up your pet costume early and have your pet wear it for shorter periods, gradually increasing the time. You’ll also want to introduce multi-piece costumes one piece at a time.
  • Have lots of treats on-hand – reward your dog or cat when wearing the costume, especially when he first tries it on.
  • Make sure he can move freely – your pet’s costumes shouldn’t impede his usual movements like walking, running, jumping and turning his head from side-to-side.
  • Make sure it includes safety features, if necessary. If you plan to take your dog trick-or-treating, reflectors, bells and lights are useful safety accessories.

Cat-Specific Costume Tips:

Start out with Accessories Only. Your kitty might not mind a tricked-out collar, head wear or sweater but all three at once might be overwhelming. Start with small accessories, introduced one at a time to see what works. You can always try introducing additional items later.

Don’t force it. No matter how cute she looks, it might just not be worth it if your kitty expresses extreme dissatisfaction when wearing a costume (eg. growling, hissing, scratching or refusing to move with the costume on).

Keep an eye out. Cats love chewing on (and swallowing) dangling strings or certain materials (wool sweaters were a favourite snack of a cat I once had). Watch your cat carefully when she’s wearing a costume and make sure she’s not making a snack out of it.

Keep it short and sweet. Again, most cats don’t love sporting pet costumes – so keep their time in the costume short, take your cute pics and then take it off. Snapping photos is really why you’re dressing them up in the first place, right?

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