Guinea Pig Cages – Does Size Really Matter?

When it comes to cages for guinea pigs, the main thing you have to remember is that bigger is better. It’s true that guinea pigs usually come with their own cages when you get them from the pet store but these cages are so small that they don’t allow your guinea pig much space.

Imagine if you were your pet and you were made to stay in a box that is just 30 inches by 36 inches. A complete lap your home would take just a few seconds. That’s just no way to live and be healthy! Good thing though, there are better quality and yet more inexpensive alternatives to those cages from the pet store such as C&C or Cubes and Coroplast cages

Benefits of bigger cages

As mentioned, bigger is better when it comes to cages for guinea pigs. Here are the reasons why a larger cage is more superior.

Firstly they get to exercise – as with all animals, exercise is very important in keeping your cavy healthy. If your pet doesn’t log in enough physical activity in a day and they’re only eating, then they will have a tendency to gain weight. This increases risks for all sorts of health problems like bladder infections, heart disease, respiratory problems, and diabetes.

The male adults can even develop what is known as impaction, a loss of tone in the muscles in the anus. Impaction causes droppings to back up, much like if you were constipated, requiring regular cleaning from owners. In the case of female adults, they have a tendency to gain weight around their tummies so ovarian cysts may be harder to detect if they are overweight.

Secondly they get to exercise when they want to – guinea pigs don’t have fixed body clocks so you can’t always make them exercise according to your time. That’s why by having a large cage, they have plenty of room to run, play and exercise whenever they choose! Really this is the most convenient option for all, especially you!

Thirdly exploration is possible – Providing bigger cages for you pet means they have more room to explore, this is important because it gives them the kind of stimulation they need to stay sharp, alert and most of all happy.

Lastly enjoy peace and order – guinea pigs are social animals so they like being around other guinea pigs. However, much like humans, they will benefit from time apart as well. Bigger cages give them enough space to play around with each other and retreat to a certain corner when they don’t feel like playing anymore. This will prevent them from getting restless, fighting and hurting themselves or their friends.

Choosing a size

The general rule is that the more guinea pigs you have, the bigger a cage should be. If you just have one or two guinea pigs though, you should have at least 7.5 sq feet of space available. If you have three, then at least 10.5 sq. ft should be provided, and if you have four, then 13 sq. ft. of space is highly ideal.

Providing your pet with a suitable size cage is important. It will prevent many unhappy and distressing situations for not only your cavies but you. These days there are plenty of options for cages, you can buy or build your own and really expense should not be an excuse.

If you want a pet you should be able to provide at most the very basic of elements, and a suitable home is basic. More to the point large cages aren’t that expensive especially If you use a little imagination, as I mentioned C&C cages are probably the best. They safe, easy to clean and best of all you can make extensions quickly and cheaply.

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