Does Your Pet Need Protection From His Environment?

As a pet owner there are a lot of responsibilities and keeping our pets safe is one of the biggest ones. We go to great lengths to see that they are fed well, and live in a good environment. The problem is though perhaps we really don’t know if the home and environment that we are exposing our pets to is really all that safe.

It has recently been discovered that fire retardants that were used in many household items prior to 2004 may now be posing a danger to our canine friends. Dogs who have been given the luxury of sleeping on the couch and armchairs have been found to contain larger amounts of this chemical in their systems compared to humans. What hasn’t been discovered as yet is what danger does this pose. Common sense says though if it’s a chemical and it not meant to be there then it can’t be any good.

This is just one example, how many other hidden dangers are there in our pets environment that we are not aware of. It used to be acceptable to think that if something is safe for humans then it has to be safe for the pets. This myth has been put to rest in a lot of different areas. We have discovered that there are many foods that we can consume safely that our pets can’t. We must carry over this astute type of thinking into their environment as well.

We need to consider what makes up the components of any item we bring into our home. We love the look of new flooring and carpets but are we taking enough time to research and ask the right questions as to just what are these products made of? Then if we do find out, do we go one step further to find out if these are really safe components for both man and dog? Its time we took the time to do our homework to ensure the safety of the environment for all that are exposed to it.

As humans we have the ability to feel what may be affecting us and to voice this. Our pets can’t tell us when all is not right with them. Often with our busy life styles we can easily miss the subtle signs that the environment within our home may not be as safe and comforting as we think it is.

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