Click Training a Rabbit Is Possible

Rabbits are popular pets, especially with children. They can be amusing and unpredictable and certainly cuddly. Most people do not think of rabbits as the sort of pets that can be trained successfully. A problem for some households is that some rabbits can be a bit of a nuisance when out of their hutches, so training them to some degree would be very useful. Sometimes it could be the difference between keeping the rabbit and having to give it away, an unpopular move as far as the children (and the rabbit) are concerned. Click training may just be the answer.

The fact is that you or your children have probably already started the training process. If you have trained your rabbit to come to you when called or come to his hutch when you click your fingers you have already proved that training can be successful. Of course it may because it isn’t doing these things that it is causing you a problem. Your rabbit should respond well to the positive reinforcement of click training.

You can start to train your rabbit straight away. All you need is a clicker device that you can find in most pet stores and some of your rabbits favorite food treats. One of the biggest problems a rabbit can cause is not using its litter box. Click training can be the answer. It may take a little while but every time the rabbit uses the litter box properly you should click the clicker and give it a treat. This will gradually associate the sound of the click with using the litter box. Similarly you can train your rabbit to come to you when it is out of sight by linking the sound of the click with a food treat.

You can even use click training to teach your rabbit to do tricks on command and fetch a ball like a dog. If you are having problems with your rabbit, however, and just want to house train it, it is probably best to hold back on these tricks!

Clicker trained rabbits can be out of their hutches more and, therefore, lead a healthier life and interact with you and their environment more. This will be possible if you have trained him to use the litter box properly and come to you when called. With consistency and patience the click training method will almost certainly give you good results and keep the rabbit as part of the family.

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