Five Ways to Deal With the Loss of a Pet

Sadly we can’t all live forever and there may come a time in our life when our beloved faithful pet leaves us behind, as much as it can be devastating and life changing we must try to move on and cope with the sad loss.

Here are some ways to help you in coping with the loss of a pet.

1) Remember the Good Times

Do not focus on the negative factors but instead focus on the positives, the good times that you had with your pet. Think about the way your pet used to greet you when you arrived home, the games you played, the trips or days out when your pet came with you and any funny habits that your pet had. Cherish the memories and be grateful for every day that you spent with your pet. Feel grateful that you were lucky to be the proud owner of your pet and also that you cared for your pet as much as you could.

2) Allow the Natural Grieving Process

Do not try to rush the grieving process for the loss of your pet, as the process must be natural and it is all part of the course to express your true feelings. This much loved pet was part of your family and whom you had a strong bond with, who was there with you everyday, who you shared your life with and who was part of so many of your memories, so feeling extreme pain and sadness is completely normal in this situation.

3) Keep the Memory Alive

Print a special photo out of your pet and frame it, then display it on your mantelpiece or somewhere you pass by often, so he or she is never far from you and if you are feeling lonely you can always look at the photo. Many places offer pet memorials such as a pet headstones and also pet cemeteries. You may also want to consider a pet cremation service. Another memorable thing to do would be to plant a tree or shrub in memory of your pet then you can look out into your garden at the tree or shrub and remember your beloved pet and every time the tree or shrub blooms you will feel a little closer to your pet.

4) Stay Healthy

The loss of a pet can be a very stressful time and can drain your energy levels, so it is important to continue regular meals to keep your strength up. Having plenty of sleep will help boost your energy and when you awake you will feel ready to take on another day, whatever it may bring. Walks will help too, get some fresh air and a change of scenery, you will feel much better for it.

5) Talk to Friends and Family

Talk to people about the way you are feeling, it will help to get things off your chest and clear your mind. Friends and family may have experienced a similar loss and they may be able to tell you the way they felt and what helped them cope with their sad loss. It may help to clarify things in your mind.

Losing a pet is a very difficult time and it is always hard to deal with and come to terms with but if you follow the above advice it may help you in coming to terms with the loss of your pet.

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