Three Ways to Prepare Yourself for Your Pet

Yesterday, I met my friend in his house. He told me that he had a pet. He showed me his pet, a turtle. I didn’t know what kind of turtle was that. He continued his story until he said, ” I had killed five turtles and it is the sixth turtle.” I was actually so surprised. He told me that he didn’t know at all about treating a turtle. So, he treated it like the other animals he ever had.

Actually, when we want to have a pet, there are some unofficial rules which have to be looked at. In this case, we will discuss three of them.

The first, please look for a lot information about the pet we want to treat. This is what we call as early action or pre – action. That information we have got can be our guide to treat our pet. We can also ask to the pet shop keepers. They will gladly help us with our questions moreover we buy all of the things in that shop. And then, we can also ask and join to the community of our pet. A pet like dog or cat certainly has a community which becomes a place to be gathered and holds some events. Don’t be afraid to ask!

The second, please prepare everything like cage, food, or even vitamins for our beloved pet. Those things have to be prepared as well as we can because it will affect much to our pet. In case of place, we have to make a cage which has the same situation to the early habitat of our pet. For example, if we have a turtle, we can put some stones and imitation plants in the cage. Don’t forget also to maintain the cleanliness of the cage because dirty cage will bring diseases to the pet.

The last, please learn about how to make your pet feels comfort. We surely don’t know about the signal of the pet which warns us about their uncomfortableness. Because of that, we can join to the community or the club of our pet. In this community, we can learn how to do that thing (treat and make our pet comfort.) We can also directly ask to the people who master that condition so we can find the solution for our problems there.

Actually, what my friend did isn’t fully wrong, but he just got less information. For the special or uncommon pet, the treatment will be more and more complicated. As we know, there are a lot of people nowadays make a snake, lizard, or even crocodile their pets. It is actually okay and possible if the know how to treat them. So, treat your animal like you treat your family, great!

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