Inside Pet Cremation – Costs, Options and Pre-Planning

After your family friend passes away you will likely begin looking into various options that deal with pet cremation costs to properly honor your family pet without spending an exorbitant amount of money on their after life care. In fact, just as with many human cremation companies, the option of pet cremation pre-planning exists and can save you some money when it comes time to take care of a pet that has passed. There are other options to consider to keep costs down after your pet dies.

Hold a Pet Wake or Funeral

If money is really no problem and you only want the best for your pet, look into holding a pet funeral at a local funeral home. These homes are dedicated to treating your pet with the respect and dignity that they deserve and will help you with all the details from pet cremation to memorial services. The services do come at a price, so be certain that this is the right thing to do to honor your cat or dog.

Communal Cremation

This service may not be offered in every state or in all pet cremation facilities, but one way to keep pet cremation costs down is to opt to have a communal cremation of your pet. The cost is significantly lower than individual cremation, but you cannot be 100% certain that what you receive are solely your pet’s cremains. To some, this may be completely unacceptable, but to others, having memorial cremains at a price that they can afford is more important to them.

Use Pre-Need Planning

This service locks in a price that will not be affected by inflation and allows you to make monthly payments towards your pet’s cremation in the future. The benefit of pre-paying for pet cremation costs is that you can afford to get the memorial package that you think your pet deserves and pay for it over time, rather than becoming financially strapped after paying for the entire memorial process all at once.

Consider Donating the Body to Science

To some owners, this may seem callous, but some humans do the same with their bodies after they pass away. Talk to your vet and see if there is a school in the area that accepts pets for scientific research and learning anatomy. On occasion, these veterinary schools will even perform a pet cremation following educational use and then return the cremains to you. This process, though much longer than a typical pet cremation, will likely cost you nothing. You and your pet have helped vet students learn to care for pets in the future and you can create a memorial with the cremains or display them in a decorative pet urn in your home.

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