Taking Care Of A Newborn And A Grown Up Rabbit

Taking care of rabbits is not a very difficult task to accomplish provided that you know to exactly do it. You must be completely aware of the foods that they eat, their shelter and some other things that are among their basic needs. This is addition to your knowledge about how they behave, how they should be treated and other important information about rabbits. You should also know that taking care of newborn rabbits is different from taking care of the grown up ones – just like taking of a baby and an adult. Here’s how you can get both jobs done well.

If by chance you found some newborn rabbits somewhere and it looks like they have been abandoned by their mother, the first thing that you have to do is to come up with a decision – whether you are going to adopt them or turn them over to an animal welfare organization. If you decide to raise the newborns, you have to get a box that will serve as their nest. You can create some holes in the bottom part for drainage and then you can place hay or shredded paper inside it. Monitor the condition of the box from time to time and replace it when it gets wet or dirty. On the other hand, when it comes to feeding the newborn rabbits, you just have to listen to them. When they do not make any noise while inside the box, you won’t have to worry about doing anything. But once they make some sounds, that’s the time that you can get a feeding bottle with kitten formula and start feeding them. You can feed them a small amount of kitten formula them 2 times a day and you can increase the amount as they grow older. You can gradually introduce the newborns to adult foods as they become a few weeks old. And when it comes to cleaning them, you can just use a little cotton dipped in warm water to remove the dirt from their face and bottoms. In this way, the newborn rabbits will become grownups.

Once they have already grown about several months old, feeding them with kitten formulas would not be very suitable for them anymore. You can consider giving them hay, vegetables and rabbit pellets. These are the type of foods that are best for them. But you should remember to avoid giving them too much green leafy vegetables because they may cause diarrhea. When it comes to their shelter, you can build a rabbit hutch suitable for their size and make sure to separate the females from the males. Always keep the cage clean and give them fresh water every day aside from their foods. And most of all, you should never forget to spend some quality time with you rabbits. This is one of the most important parts of raising any kind of pets.

By considering these tips and ideas in taking care of both newborn rabbits and grownups, you would not have a very hard time compare when you do not really know what to do.

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