Picking Out the Best Pet Door

Almost all cats and dogs love frolicking and playing outside. If you love pets and play with them a lot, you probably understand how important it is for them to have their daily dose of sunshine. That is why pet accessories have been so popular lately; especially play toys and Power pet doors that greatly enhance the experience of the outdoors for your pets.

If you want to make your very own Power pet door for your animals, then here are something considerations to remember:

How many pets do you have?

Some people keep only one pet or two, but there are other who love to have a wide collection of cats or dogs. If you own both cats and dogs, then take this into account because your four-legged friends will be the ones using the pet door.

Take note of the size of your pets.

You probably want all of your pets to be able to use the door. However, your chosen door may be too small for your taller or larger dogs. You will only make your dog or cat feel left out if they cannot use their Power pet door at home.

As a tip when making or buying a pet door to install, use as a measuring stick the tallest and biggest one of your pets. To get the height of the door, measure your pet’s height from its chest to its feet, and for the width, measure across your pet’s shoulders. Make sure to add some allowance so that your feline and canine friends walk out the door safely and comfortably. This would be the needed height and width for your door installation.

Look for a good location.

You might want a good spot for the Power pet door – a place that allows your pets to smoothly go out into the backyard of the front lawn. You can put your doors either on the back of your house or in front if you have a lawn and a surrounding fence.

Also, if your house’s design is a big deal to you, you might want the door to coordinate with your existing home styling. Get a pet door that will complement your main door’s existing color, pattern and overall appearance.

Don’t make your pets jump through hoops and loops

Most importantly, install the door in such a way that your pets will find it easy to use. Remember that it’s going to take some getting used to before your pets will be able to use the door all the time. Your life would be much easier if you install something that your pets will find simple to use.

Power pet doors are also great tools if you’re potty training your pets. As you will not have to stand up every time your cat or your dog scratches on the doors, it would be a convenient thing to have.

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