Reasons For And Against Getting A Pet


There are many benefits to owning an animal, rescue or not. Here are the top reasons why I feel everyone should have an animal in their life.

The first reason is that they bring a lot of joy to a person’s life. No matter what kind of day you have had (good, bad, depressing, etc.), spending five seconds with them will always make it better. It has also been proven that people with animals tend to be happier and live longer lives because of the joy their pets bring them. The second reason I think everyone should own an animal is because they love you unconditionally. No matter what you have done (past or present, good or bad), they do not care. As long as you are nice to them and take care of them, you can do no wrong. The third reason an animal is beneficial is they are helpful, both mentally and/or physically, for the elderly. For those that are able to care for a pet, they provide exercise and companionship. For those that are not able, like Alzheimer patients, pets have been found helpful in reducing the number of anxious outbursts a patient may have. The fourth reason every family should have a pet is that they can improve family relations. Pets help to keep arguments, calmly talking, from turning into fights, loudly screaming, because they are great stress relievers that help to break tension. The final top reason everyone should have a pet is because they benefit your health. It has been proven that people with animals are less likely to suffer from allergies and asthma. Studies have also been done that shows people with pets are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, and many others. Also, studies have shown that kids that have pets in their homes are more likely to have higher self-confidence than children without pets.

So when you are making a decision on whether or not you should get a pet, remember that you will not only be helping them by giving them a loving home, but they will also be helping you mentally and physically.


Having a pet is not for everyone. People should think long and hard before they do purchase an animal. Here are nine reasons why owning a pet is not for everybody.

The first reason someone should not own a pet is money. Dogs are usually more expensive than cats, but both still put a dent in your wallet. There are vet bills, food, toys, cleaning supplies, and the list goes on. The second thing to consider before buying a pet is that they are hard work. Both cats and dogs require a lot of your time, especially in the beginning. You have to train them, feed them, walk them, clean them, play with them, etc. A third negative is for those of you who like to take vacations. When you plan on leaving to go somewhere for an extended period of time, you have to make sure that someone is available to take care of your pets while you are away or take them to a boarding shelter. The fourth thing to consider before getting a pet is that pet can be very smelly. If not taken care of properly they can get smelly and make your house smell too. You have to give them baths regularly and wipe them with in between bath wipes daily, or every other day, to avoid them getting too smelly. The fifth reason someone may not want to get a pet is that they are furry. No matter what kind of pet you have, they all shed (some worse than others) which requires extra time spent cleaning up the fur in your home. They also require a daily brushing to help reduce their hair from matting and the hair in your home. A sixth negative to owning a pet is that they have accidents. There is always the possibility of a pet having an accident in your home that could ruin your carpet, your furniture, your clothes, etc whether it is a dog or cat or something else. The seventh reason a pet would not be wanted in a home is that pets can be territorial. Some pets are very territorial which can make it difficult to have company over or get other pets. An eight factor to consider before purchasing a pet is the heartbreak that comes with them. Animals do not live that long and when their time comes, it can be devastating. Also, some animals just do not work out in certain homes, but you still get attached and getting rid of them is very heartbreaking too. The final reason pets are not for everyone is for people with allergies. Some people have allergies which are made worse by having a pet.

Even with all the above mentioned things, I still think the benefits largely out way the negatives. If you have what it takes to comfortably own a pet, I would HIGHLY recommend it. I have loved every animal I have ever had and would not trade them, both past and present, for anything. But before you go out and buy a pet, think long and hard and do research to make sure you truly have what it takes to own a pet.

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