How to Deal With a Pet That Sheds

If you have a dog that sheds then you have probably been frustrated time and time again by the massive amounts of hair that show up around your house. The unfortunate thing is that when you have a pet that sheds there is really nothing that you can do except clean up after it. After all, it is not their fault that they shed. It is something that is done naturally to keep them happy and healthy. There are, however, a few things that you can do in order to limit how frustrated you become when it is your turn to clean up the pet hair again.

The first thing that you can do in order to limit the amount of pet hair that is around the house is to not allow the dog to get up on the furniture. This sounds like an easy fix but it is much more difficult than you would believe. If your dog has been jumping up on the sofa for years you will have a hard time breaking the habit.

After all, they do not know any better. If you can somehow manage to keep the shedding pet off of the furniture you will not have to worry about globs of pet hair infiltrating your upholstery. If you cannot seem to keep your pet off of the furniture then one trick that you can use is to put a slip cover or a sheet over the furniture. Thought this does not look that great, it will be effective in helping you clean up the unwanted pet hair. Every few days after a good bit of hair has accumulated you can simply throw the slip cover in the washing machine. Once you have cleaned and dried it just put it back over the couch. It is a pain to continuously wash the cover but it is better than having your couch ruined with pet hair.

Another way that you can deal with a pet that sheds is keeping them to one part of the house. For example, by not letting your dog into the living room you are limiting the amount of area that you have to clean. Furthermore, when all the pet hair is contained to one or two areas it will be more visible and easy to vacuum up. By limiting where your dog is and having a good vacuum you can really make the cleanup process simple and painless.

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