Sentinel Spectrum Flea Products

Fleas are a serious aggravation for pets and can cause a range of problems – damaging their skin and coat, making them itchy and irritable and damaging their mood. Worse, once fleas set in they can be remarkably difficult to control and get rid of – they will get into the carpet and into your pets’ bedding and this will then mean that they can reinfect you after they have been eradicated from your dog. At the same time if you don’t completely eradicate the fleas then eggs may remain in the pets’ skin even after the fleas themselves have been terminated. This all makes it highly frustrating for pet owners trying to deal with the issue of fleas and means that it is of course far preferable to simply prevent the fleas from setting in in the first place. Another very serious concern with fleas is that they can also effect humans if allowed to survive and this means that you are protecting not only your cat or dog’s health by using preventative methods but also your own health and that of your family.

There are a vast range of different flea products and many methods for combating the problem of fleas once they arise – these typically will involve just placing an oil on the scruff of your pet’s neck.

However better yet for the reasons discussed are those products that can help to prevent the fleas from setting in. Sentinel Spectrum is the name of a tasty chew given to dogs to help them combat fleas and prevent them from occurring by keeping them generally healthy and providing them with everything they need to stave off an infestation. At the same time when given during infection they can also help the body to combat the fleas and keep the problem contained.

Sentinel Spectrum not only helps to protect against fleas but also heartworm and intestinal worms – such as roundworm, whipworm, hookworm and tapeworm. It can also treat flea allergy dermatitis. At the same time the fact that Sentinel Spectrum is a chew means that you don’t have to worry about having to force your dog to eat tablets that they are only going to spit back out. This is a battle dog owners know well and a dance they have all danced many times. This also helps to keep the dogs’ weight down as it means you can give them the medication without having to embed the tablets into cheese and other things your dog will eat.

There are various different Sentinel Spectrum products marketed to different demographics. For instance there are those designed specifically for puppies which are given from 6 weeks of age onwards. You can also get products designed for dogs of specific sizes and weights. These sizes are ultra small, small, medium and large – and the price of the products will vary. Using these products and backing them up with a healthy diet and regularly cleaned bedding can help you to look after your dogs’ health and avoid illness.

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