Animal Communication – The Scientific View Point

Back in the 1990s a U.K. scientist, called Rupert Sheldrake, did a lot of research into the concept that some animals, mainly dogs, were aware when their owners were returning home. He published a book called ‘Dogs Who Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals’. He also gave talks on the subject and certainly seemed to have tested his theories very robustly. His fellow scientists, and peers, were very derisive about his research and more or less rejected his findings. He talked at seminars organised by the Society For Companion Animal Studies (S.C.A.S.), where I was able to listen to his views. S.C.A.S. is an organisation set up by caring people, usually in the professional field, who wanted to study the bond between people and their pets.Their studies have centered around the benefits gained by humans from their animal companions, rather than the benefit to the animals; although the welfare of the animal is always stated to be of paramount importance. Mr Sheldrake’s views were always well received at their gatherings.

When this book was first discussed, the telepathic or psychic bond between animals and humans had not been researched very much and those members of S.C.A.S that were doctors and veterinary staff must have found it difficult to take on board, if indeed they did. The research carried out by S.C.A.S. has worked towards animals being accepted into care homes and homes for the elderly, but their most outstanding achievement from past years has been the setting up of the Pet Bereavement Help Line. It has been running for many years now, and played a big part in bringing to notice the need for veterinary staff to have training in pet bereavement therapy. They provided the first training course in that therapy and their module has been regularly updated.

As far as I know they have not looked into the concept of animal communication as yet. It took a very long time for society to accept that a human could mourn the loss of an animal, and in some cases as much as they would mourn the loss of another human. The grief procedure works in exactly the same way and may well bring about a complete life change; such as losing the company of other dog walkers, or losing the last contact with a loved one who had passed on earlier. The bond between a much loved animal and its owner, or friend, goes very deep and should at least be respected, if not understood. As we have now found that it is possible to connect on a telepathic level with animals that wish to do so, Mr Sheldrake’s book has much more credibility.

Mr Sheldrake, who is a biologist, has written quite a few other books about many aspects of life and I am really looking forward to reading some of them.

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