The Answers to Your Flea Problems Finally Revealed!

When the war on fleas starts to become a losing battle it might be time to re-assess your current flea prevention techniques in order to get to the bottom of why these little blood-sucking creatures are still successfully invading your home and living on your pets. It can be extremely frustrating to spend time and money doing what you think is the answer to the flea problem, only to find the issue will not go away. Puts a stop to the never ending flea disaster by reading the most important flea killing questions every owner must know!

I have been applying a topical spot on treatment on my dog but he still seems to pick up fleas; what am I doing wrong?

A major reason that spot on treatments are not successful for some is due to improper application. You must be sure to apply the product as directed to the skin and NOT to the haircoat of your pet. It is an easy mistake to quickly apply the product without realising you have put majority of it onto the hair of your pet causing them to miss out on the complete benefits.

Is there a problem with me sharing the dosages on my pets? I am trying to save money; however, no matter what I use my pets still seem to get fleas.

Splitting doses is definitely not recommended when treating your pets for fleas. It is important to use one dose per pet to allow the product to take full effect and kill the fleas.The active ingredients are also not guaranteed to be evenly spread throught the container, pippette or tablet so you may not actually be protecting your pet at all. The ineffectiveness of splitting doses may even end up costing you more in the long run.

Help! It seems as if it’s not one of my pets it’s the other! How can I be sure both my cat and dog stay free flea?

You must treat all your pets in the household at the exact same time. Some pets are more susceptible to fleas and it can often be harder to see fleas on cats than on dogs. Treat your pets together and you will significantly increase the chances of being successful in killing fleas at every stage of the lifecycle.

I have been treating my dog every few months with a flea treatment and have just noticed she has now got fleas!! Does it matter that I skip some months?

Whether your pet is flea free or has recently recovered from having a flea problem it is crucial that you keep treating your pet every month. Skipping doses can give fleas the chance to make a comeback and greatly increases your chance of being faced with fleas once again. Even in the colder months of the year your pet can be at risk of getting fleas, the only real way to protect your pet properly is to continue with flea treatment all year round.

My dog loves the beach and water which means I am constantly bathing him. Could this be the reason he seems to still get fleas even after continuously using flea product?

Some products will be affected by too much bathing of your pets. Many of the spot-on treatments also outline that you should keep your pet dry for at least 48 hours before and after treating them. Applying product when your pets skin is still wet will also be a factor in reducing effectiveness. There are a few non-prescription pet meds on the market such as Advocate that are more suited for pets that swim and are bathed alot.

Why do some products work and others don’t? Is my pet immune to some of the flea treatments?

It is not a case of your pet or the fleas being immune to certain treatments but simply certain products being suited to different situations and environments. The main factors allowing some treatments to work better over others include your pet’s lifestyle and their living location. The best thing to do is try different products until you find the one that works best and is the most appropriate for your pet’s situation.

Follow all the answers above to get rid of the flea disaster once and for all! By taking into account this advice you will greatly improve the success of your flea program within a few months. An extra tip is to also remember to treat the surrounding environment that your pet lives in. Regularly wash and vacuum the floors and your pet’s bedding to ensure you win the war on fleas!

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